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A Warm Welcome!
Creating ways with you to meet and
overcome Life's challenges,
in Harmony with Nature,
with tools you own
to solve each one!


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Choose Being Love with
'New Life Patterns'


We can become a World of Peace and Love,
no matter how challenging the struggles are, now,
and in the past, and in the great battles
in the future.

For every problem
there are at least five right answers.

Everything that happens,
no matter how much was sacrificed,
no matter how horrific the fear and trauma,
no matter how great the darkness of the moment;
no matter how long it takes
to reawaken to the great power of Love within,
it all can be re-framed, reinterpreted and
reworked for the better.

There are no exceptions.

Choose Being Love
Nature's Font

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Digital Art “Nature's Font” courtesy of TreVizionz.

Choose Being Love

Reach and touch another
who is holding out the hand of Peace to you.

Decide to heal whatever it is.
This is our free will allowing us to do so.
Our thoughts create our reality.
Conquer your own body, mind and spirit.
Make Peace with your own pain.
Acknowledge it.
Experience it in your mind,
whenever you have a time to be with it.
Stay with it as long as you need to,
to know it and install it as a negative anchor.
Then Love it as your best friend.
Integrate all the negative feelings it holds
with all the overpowering future feelings
that you need to create,
of what it can lead to,
which is something far better.
Allow it to inspire you to serve well.
We can choose to interpret all these challenges
in our paths
as ways for us to grow in goodness,
to become who we each truly 'BE',
according to that 'BEING',
known by many names,
and is 'ONE',
as are we.

Here's How We Go Through This Together

We choose the appropriate mind-body therapy and study of how our communications, both verbal and non-verbal affect the nervous system and apply this to achieve personal, family and business successes.

© Dianne Knight. All rights reserved.
Digital Photo by Dianne Knight.

© Dianne Knight. All rights reserved.
Digital Photo by Dianne Knight.


Models of excellence
are utilized to create
new patterns of behaviour
enhancing the human potential,
therefore allowing us to control
our own mind, spiritual
and physical states
to achieve positive
desired outcomes.

Non-Invasive Option

A unique aspect of this approach
is that the content of your
personal challenges can,
if you wish,
remain private,
with you and
Our Supreme Being alone.

© Dianne Knight. All rights reserved.
Digital Photo by Dianne Knight.

© Dianne Knight. All rights reserved.
Digital Photo by Dianne Knight.
Call now to help
yourself achieve
being in a state of
constantly sharing
Humanitarian Love,
finding inner Peace,
increasing your mind's
abilities and
concentration levels,
while bouncing with
natural energy
and creativity!

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Peace, Love and Light,
Dianne Knight, B. A.

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